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2 Canadians Got Named Among The Top 5 Highest-Paid TikTokers & These Videos Show Why

2 Canadians Got Named Among The Top 5 Highest-Paid TikTokers & These Videos Show Why
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If you’re a millennial, you might think of TikTok stars as B-stars at best – sure, they might be semi-popular, but nowhere near the realm of paying giant mansions or running huge ad campaigns, right? wrong.

Last week, Forbes released a list of the highest-paid stars of 2022 on the platform, and they revealed the huge fortunes these short video wonders are now making, and you wouldn’t know – there were actually two Canadians out there.

Currently, Josh Richards, the Toronto-born influencer whose heavy antics have earned him 25.6 million followers on TikTok, is Canada’s highest-paid tiktok and fourth overall, making an estimated $5 million in 2021 alone.

Richards has turned his modern-day image of the sisters man into a money-making machine, appearing shirtless too many times to count, rarely missing an opportunity to promote his luxurious lifestyle.

Richards (and his perfectly polished bangs) managed to monetize his aesthetics, striking huge deals with Amazon and CashApp. He even partnered with Toronto Maple Leafs to promote all or nothing documentary.

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#Dua #ad This was hard, can you beat us?! Link in bio for free 30-day trial of amazonprimevideo to watch All Or Nothing: Toronto Maple Leafs

Coming in at number five is Chris Collins, a Vancouver-based hairstylist who has turned her sense of humor into a goldmine during the pandemic.

Collins’ funny comedy clips have earned her 42.2 million followers so far, plus she put $4.75 million into her bank last year. She wasted no time in proving herself.

If you have a goofy family and are starving for some related comedy, Collins, who recently signed deals with Hershey and Lionsgate, is definitely for you.


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