Another Wingo looking at Razorbacks

Another Wingo looking at Razorbacks
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Ryan Wingo, the university’s second recipient, is expected to travel to Fayetteville on his second visit to the University of Arkansas in four months on Saturday.

He and his father, Ronnie Wingo, visited Arkansas for the Pigs’ 41-20 victory over Texas in September.

Younger Wingo gets a call from defensive coordinator Barry Odom and shortly thereafter calls his brother, former Razorback running back Ronnie Wingo Jr. , to see if he wants to join him in Fayetteville.

“He said, ‘I’m going down this time,’” Wingo said. “He said he will be posting the ‘Back to the Hill’ tweet on Twitter this weekend.”

Wingo, 6-2, 198 pounds, of St. Louis University High School, has scholarship offers from Arkansas, Texas, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Florida, Missouri, All Miss, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, Iowa State and more.

Like its older brother, Wingo is blessed with a breakneck speed to go with its impressive size.

Wingo won the 100m race in the Class 5 District 2 track and field last spring as a freshman with a best of 10.89sec. He also scored a best 21.94 in the 200 and 50.81 in the 400.

He turned heads again by scoring 4.39 in a 40-yard dash during the rally last year. He also recorded a vertical jump of 36.5 inches and a wide jump of 10 feet 1 inch.

Wingo is rated by 247 Sports as the No. 2 receiver, the No. 6 prospect in the nation, and the No. 1 prospect in Missouri for his category.

Tom Liming, national recruitment analyst for CBS Sports, said he sees Wingo as possibly a 5-star recruiter in the near future.

“Very cool, close to being a 5-star player and could reach that goal by the end of next season,” said Lemming, who has covered national recruitment since 1978. The tools needed to become a next-level squad maker.”

The Razorbacks are expected to host several top prospects on Saturday, including second quarterback Melvin Luster, another notable Missouri State recruit.

“I want to meet some of the other recruits who are coming,” Wingo said. “Meet the coaching staff again. Start creating another bond with them.”

He and Arkansas reception coach Kenny Jetton have already established a good relationship.

“We have a really good bond because I call him and we talk on the phone sometimes,” Wingo said. “I look forward to our relationship becoming even stronger.”

Wingo said he liked the Hogs 9-4 season and liked what he saw in the Arkansas defense. He said he sees a good defense that gives the attack more opportunities to showcase their talents.

“When I played in the Texas game, I didn’t play defense but their defense was what stood out to me the most,” Wingo said. “How locked they are. You have to make sure you go to a place where they have a good defense so you can always play on the field.

“When I came down I was looking at defense a lot more than attacking in a sense because you feel the defense is good and that means I’ll be on the field a lot.”

The Razorback Treylon Burks receiver also caught his eye.

“I was looking at it and saw how they marked it,” Wingo said.

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