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Budget Canadian Airline Announces New Routes From 6 U.S. Cities Coming This Fall

Budget Canadian Airline Announces New Routes From 6 U.S. Cities Coming This Fall
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Canadians seeking sunshine and popular American tourist destinations will soon have another option in their quest.

Flair Airlines, the discount airline that flies across Canada, will begin flying to six US destinations from October. As the snow and hail of the Canadian winter begin to arrive, Flyer will offer flights to Las Vegas, Palm Springs, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Phoenix and Los Angeles.

Flights will depart from several Canadian cities, including Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, Ottawa, Kitchener Waterloo and Abbotsford. One-way tickets start at $63.

“We want Canadians to hear us loud and clear. You don’t have to run into debt or save for months to enjoy travel this winter,” said Stephen Jones, Flair President and CEO, in a statement. “For years, Canadians have been paying too much for air travel to destinations Domestic and American. Flair is here to ensure Canadians are not taken advantage of anymore and to get lower prices for better service.”

Flyer Airlines flying in the sky.

What is the taste?

Flair started in 2006, providing limited service to a few Canadian locations. But in 2019, it underwent a complete renovation and started expanding rapidly. It will now fly to 26 different locations and aim to have 50 aircraft in its fleet over the next five years.

Airport officials are happy to expand into the US market.

“As restrictions go down and passenger traffic increases, these new routes will allow more travel options once we can explore freely again,” said Russell Atkinson, Director of Air Services Development at Vancouver International Airport. “We commend Canadian airlines for continuing to serve Canadians over the past year and a half, and we are excited to see Flair expand its offering to provide unique travel experiences.”

Similar enthusiasm is also expressed in the United States.

“These new routes from Flyer Airlines will greatly increase the opportunity for Canadians to experience Las Vegas,” said Chris Jones, director of marketing for McCarran International Airport. “Historically, Las Vegas has been the number one destination for travelers from across Canada, and we look forward to welcoming more visitors to this world-class destination.”

Target smaller airports

In a small number of cases, the Flair will travel to smaller airports in the destination cities. Orlando flights will go to Orlando-Sanford International Airport at Sanford, Phoenix flights to Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airport, and Southern California flights to Hollywood-Burbank Airport.

It’s no secret what Flair officials think of these locations, which include the homes of Disneyland, Disney World, and Las Vegas gambling and entertainment shows. It also takes Canadians to some of the best golf locations in the United States when the sport is closed due to winter weather north of the border.

On the flip side, flights will give Americans looking for a break from the warm weather a chance to experience true Nordic skiing and winter weather.

“Our fares to our new destinations ensure Canadians can easily enjoy travel this winter and spend some well-deserved time away exploring new, sunny places,” said Jones.

Borders can open soon

Travel restrictions between Canada and the United States have only recently begun to ease as the impact of the coronavirus recedes. Non-essential travel, including tourism, remains prohibited until at least July 21.

“We hope to see new steps to reopen in the coming weeks,” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said earlier this month. “We’re going to make sure we don’t see a resurgence of COVID-19 cases, because no one wants to go back to more restrictions having done so much and sacrificed so much to get to this point.”

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