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Flight delayed because the crew has COVID? You’re covered for that….

Flight delayed because the crew has COVID? You're covered for that....
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Insurtech Blink Parametric has partnered with Canadian Administrative General Agent (MGA) AwayCare to cover real-time flight disruptions for Canadian travelers around the world.

Blink announced the partnership with travel insurance company AwayCare, which has offices in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. Ireland-based Blink said in a press release Tuesday that coverage will be covered by Northbridge Financial Corporation, a Fairfax company.

Parametric service effectively automates the claims process. The terms of the policy offer free access to the airport lounge when the insured’s flight is delayed more than two hours, or instant cash payment, a Blink spokesperson said. Canadian insurance provider Friday. “The cover is valid for any passenger affected by delays, whether due to flight crew issues caused by COVID-19, or any other factors that cause a scheduled flight to be delayed.”

Once a traveler records their flight details, Blink monitors the flight in real time. Any delay in a recorded flight will automatically result in immediate notification to the traveler.

The spokesperson says coverage has been available in Canada since before Christmas.

Travel is still on its way to recovery after various interruptions and restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “This standardized service helps alleviate real-time flight delay pain points for both leisure and business travelers, particularly during the current times when flight crews contracting COVID-19 are forcing airlines to cancel or delay flights,” Blink says in the statement. “.

Founded in 2016, Blink is wholly owned by CPP Group and partners with insurance companies and travel organizations throughout North America, Central and Latin America, Europe and Asia.

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