Here’s Where to Get a Covid Test in Sarasota-Manatee Right Now

Here's Where to Get a Covid Test in Sarasota-Manatee Right Now
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With 2022 ahead of us and the highly contagious Omicron variant spreading across the country, you may want to get tested before any travel or events. While local pharmacies have eased long wait times by reserving test appointments for customers, government testing sites are seeing increased demand, with lines increasing as cases increase.

If you want to skip the lines at testing sites, it may be worth making an appointment at an urgent care center or local pharmacy such as CVS or Walgreens. Some pharmacies have at-home test kits; However, there is a shortage of those now too. So call ahead to see if any are available at your local pharmacy.

Below is a list of open testing sites, along with the types of exams they will be available on. As always, health officials and doctors stress that getting vaccinated — and getting a booster shot, if you qualify — remains the best way to stay safe. Many of the sites below also offer vaccines and boosters. For a list of vaccination sites, click here.

Robert L. Taylor Community Complex

1845 34th Street, Sarasota

This site has PCR and rapid tests available. No appointment needed, however, average wait times were 30-40 minutes. This site is a follow-up test only.

Dallas White Park

5900 Greenwood Street, North Harbor

This North Port test site will be open except on New Year’s Day. Both PCR and rapid tests are available, no appointment required. The site is a follow-up test only.

Venice Community Center

326 Nokomis Ave. S., Venice

Both PCR and rapid on-site tests are available drive-thru this starting Wednesday, January 12th. The site will be open Monday through Saturday from 8 am to 4 pm. No appointment is required.

Ed Smith Stadium

2700 12th Street Sarasota

This test drive site has experienced some long queues as cases increase. The new average wait time was two to three hours. The site only offers a PCR test, which takes two to three days to get results. No appointment needed.

Former Sarasota Kennel Club

5400 Bradenton Road, Sarasota

The car park of the old dog track is now a Covid-19 testing site. Both PCR and rapid tests are performed; However, there has been a 20-30 minute wait for the past few days.

CVS صيدلية Pharmacy

Depending on the location, CVS offers both in-market and in-store rapid PCR and Covid-19 tests. If you schedule an appointment online, you will have very little waiting time.


Walgreens offers rapid tests and PCR tests on the drive or in the store. Make an appointment online, which can significantly shorten the waiting time.

Sarasota Memorial Urgent Care Centers

SMH Urgent Care Centers will open on New Years Day. You can get a PCR or express test without an appointment, but if you want to use SMH’s “save my spot” check-in tool, you can.

home test kits

Home test kits are also available at your local drugstore for about $20 per kit. The only problem is that it’s all sold out or has been in storage for a while – so be sure to call before you go out.

If you are looking for a Covid-19 vaccine, there are a number of locations in Sarasota, Manati. For a list of our local vaccination sites, click here.

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