Quark Expeditions Offers Wave Season Advisor Incentive

Quark Expeditions Offers Wave Season Advisor Incentive
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Quark Expeditions is offering a travel advisor incentive to all travel advisors who complete the PolarPro Sales Training Program by March 31, 2022 and book a subsequent Quark Expeditions trip for a client.

Travel advisors who graduate from the online learning program and book their first Quark Expedition within the 90 days following graduation can win a $250 gift card. Those who graduate from the program but book after the first ninety-day period can win a $100 gift card.


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PolarPro is easy to use and provides customized modules for travel advisors, including 8-15 minute sessions that provide tips and topics such as an itinerary overview and the best time to visit the polar regions around the world. It also includes marketing resources for customers as well as functionality across devices.

“Travel Consultants have always been our trusted partners,” said Thomas Lennarts, Vice President of Sales at Quark Expeditions. “We believe in working alongside members of the travel trade and providing them with the best tools to prepare them for success. That’s why we created our PolarPro platform. Now we’ve added incentive gift cards for qualified travel advisors who, upon graduation from PolarPro, are selling their first Quark Expeditions trip.”

To learn more about Quark’s PolarPro, please click here.


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