The inside guide to Nîmes, the French city packed with Roman history

The inside guide to Nîmes, the French city packed with Roman history
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By claiming some of the best-preserved Roman monuments in Europe, it’s easy to see why the vibrant city of Nîmes has also been called “French Rome.” And with a charming old town and excellent restaurants and shopping, it easily holds other well-known destinations in southern France – or indeed Italy – as a short vacation destination. With palm trees and golden stone buildings, there is the distinct Mediterranean vibe of Nîmes – located just two hours northwest of Marseille. It’s also compact, making it easy to explore on foot. There are cultural events all year round as well – annual highlights Great Roman Games, when hundreds of gladiator-clad actors reenacted the bloody battles and fiercely contested the races their ancestors lived in.

The center of Roman history for the city is 69 feet high and 24,000 seats nim amphitheater. It’s impossible to miss the heart of the city, and as the best preserved square outside of Italy, it’s worth exploring the nooks and crannies behind the main square where animals, slaves, and soldiers waited before their battles. Climb to the upper level to see if you can count the seven hilltops that surround the city – another strange echo of Rome. This undulating landscape is said to lock in warm weather, which means that Nîmes has one of the mildest climates in France.

Just next to the ring is Roman Museum, which opened in 2018, its white mosaic facade was designed to represent the folds of a Roman toga. Inside, you can admire artifacts dating back thousands of years, including impressive mosaic floors, as well as interactive 21st century digital exhibits that bring elements from the Roman era to life. near Museum of Bullfighting CulturesHome to a range of bullfighting artefacts, from matador items to an entire exhibit dedicated to the legendary Matador Jose Tomas and the historic Correda dated September 12, 2012, as he battled six record-breaking bulls in the ring. The plaza also hosts the semi-annual Feria de Nîmes, a Spanish-style bullfighting event that has officially been held in the city since 1952.

If you’re more into music than wrestlers, you’ll want to check this out for a month Nimes Metropolis Jazz Festival, which are held every fall; the Neem Flamenco FestivalMeanwhile, you see the spine-like dagger sound filling Nimes Theater every January.

From the circuit, a short walk to Nîmes old town, is a set of cobbled lanes that weave between quaint food shops, elegant boutiques and sunny courtyards, such as market place, with bronze crocodile and palm tree fountain – a sculptural representation of the city’s two emblems. Take a table outside Courtois Patisserie For coffee and macaroons while watching the daily happenings in town. Don’t forget to try Callison: Diamond-shaped pralines that are a specialty of the region – you’ll find some of the best in Francine pastries, a few steps away from the Musée de la my romance. Instead, immerse yourself in the city’s specialty, crunchyThe best tasting Orange Blossom & Almond Biscuits from Al Madinah Foundation Maison FilaretOn the Rue de la Madeleine.


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