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TravelPulse Canada In Depth: A Frank Discussion With Agents on Mental Health

TravelPulse Canada In Depth: A Frank Discussion With Agents on Mental Health
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“I am at the end of my rope, seriously considering closing my business and never looking back. It is currently impossible to make a living income as an independent consultant,” Anna Tiglasi, Nexion Canada.

“We asked on our (ACITA) call with over 30 agents who are taking antidepressants or have mental health issues, and almost everyone raised their hands. This is a serious concern, because we don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel,” Sarah Bofill, Beyond the WL.

“I don’t like feeling sorry for myself, I’m not the kind of person who usually yells ‘why me’, in fact, I’ll change that to ‘why us’ because I know I’m not alone but all the agents and suppliers are out there now – but it’s very hard not to feel that way “. Cynthia Davidson, Beaches and Beyond.

“Although my sales in 2021 are the highest ever, the suspense is waning, and I feel like I’m drowning in fear, cancellation, limitation, and despair. I’m almost afraid of anyone booking anything, because of the “what if?” Plus Daily trials, I also feel guilty for not making progress and getting a profitable job in our house.” – Lisa Stixma, Expedia CruiseShipCenters Chilliwack.

“I hold on to the hope that one day the industry I loved working in will return to some version of its former selves. On that day I will be able to help my clients enjoy amazing travel experiences again.” Steve Switzer, owner and travel designer, exclusively for you Travel Services

These sentiments are only a sample of what TravelPulse Canada received after requesting feedback on agents’ mental health. The responses we received highlighted a very real problem occurring in our travel industry. Of course, everyone everywhere has been affected by the pandemic, but the hospitality and travel industries have been the hardest hit — affected by restrictions specifically set for them, some would often argue, without the data to back them up. In Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal alone, the three busiest cities in Canada for leisure and business travel, losses amounted to more than $2 billion. (* TIAC report source). Combine these limitations with little or no support for many agents and you will leave many of them financially and mentally damaged.


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