Visa applications made easy with e-Visa

Visa applications made easy with e-Visa
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LondonAnd January 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – It’s a common problem for people looking to go abroad for vacation: browsing the outdated and cumbersome websites of immigration services to get a visa. offers the solution with simple application forms and 24/7 support via email and phone.

Old Immigration Service Application Forms
For some countries, applying for a visa is relatively easy, or the visa can be applied for after arriving at the airport. However, other countries have complicated visa procedures, requiring lengthy forms to be filled and different documents to be uploaded. And if that’s not enough, the application forms are often unclear and the questions are sometimes worded in poor English, so it’s unclear exactly what to fill out.

India And Kenya In particular it is notorious in this regard. The e-Visa application process for both countries requires a lot of information to be filled in, and a number of documents and photos must be submitted in a specific format and file type. And it’s not as if travelers have other easy options. When it comes to a visa IndiaThe only other option is to get a paper visa, which can take months due to the long queues at the embassy. the Kenya Can actually visa Just That it has been applying online since 2021, which could cause problems, especially for travelers with less experience with computers. Other issues include limited payment options (only credit cards are generally accepted) and virtually no customer support. There are no phone support lines, and emails are rarely answered.

This is where comes in. The e-Visa application forms are streamlined, which means a lot of unnecessary information has been removed to allow for faster applications. The layouts are also straightforward: everything is included on the same page in a simple scroll-down manner. Each field on the form comes with a comprehensive explanation. Order forms also automatically check for common errors, so customers are instantly notified if they’ve answered a question incorrectly. Finally, the forms are available in multiple languages, not just English.

Providing the necessary documents for the visa application is also much easier. Almost all file types are accepted, and images are automatically cropped and scanned to the correct format. All documents are manually checked again before submitting the application. Passport checks are compared to the data entered in the form to ensure that it matches, and that the application can be processed well.

Clear communication by email and text message
Customers are informed of the status of their orders by email and text message. Customers are also given a personal status page, where they can view the status and download the visa once approved. If they have questions, email and customer support are readily available during business hours, and for urgent cases also during weekends. The e-Visa also offers a variety of payment methods, including PayPal and country-specific payment methods.

Once the request is approved, the customer receives a confirmation by email. The visa must be downloaded and printed only to take with you on your trip. You don’t even need to print out some travel passes, like an ESTA United States of America or eTA for Canada.


about us is the UK’s leading online visa agency. E-Visas cater to tourists for ease of navigation in visa application processes. For a small processing fee, in addition to the standard visa cost, the e-Visa offers simplified application forms, around-the-clock customer support, and manual verification of all submitted documents to eliminate frequent errors. E-Visas are so confident in the quality of their services that they have a full refund policy for any rejected visa applications submitted through the website.



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